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ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC respects the privacy of your personal identifying information and has provided this explanation about our online information practices to demonstrate our commitment to protect your privacy.

ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC does not share, sell or in any other way use information collected during your use of our Website, and/or other applications, without your permission except as outlined in this policy.

ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC does not currently collect Information except:

(1) Information provided by your web browser, or smartphone, to our web server including such Information as the site you linked from and your email address and/or phone number

(2) Information provided by you in an email, text message or any response form sent to us.

ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC Does not sell visitor information while using this website and only uses Information for the purpose of which the Information was submitted or to evaluate the effectiveness of this Website.


In consideration of your accessing any ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC Web Site or Application, you agree that:

(1) under no circumstances shall ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC., its owners, employees, or directors be liable for any damages whatsoever in connection with, arising out of, or resulting from your use of the ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC.. Website and/or any information contained in the ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC.. Website or referred to in any ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC.. Website or Application; and
(2) you will defend, indemnify same and hold harmless ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC., its employees, owners and directors from any and all suits, claims, demands, causes of action, judgments, damage, losses, liabilities and expenses, including attorneys' fees, consultant fees and expert witness fees arising out of or resulting from your use of the ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC.. website or any information referred to or contained therein.

Moreover, you agree that ZiggyAmore Enterprises LLC.:

(1) possesses no control whatsoever over such links or any sites or applications linked thereby;
(2) makes no express or implied warranties, representations or endorsements of any kind regarding any linked site or application; and
(3) assumes no liability of any kind for information contained in any linked site or application.

- Current Privacy Statement Posted February 01, 2021


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